Western Art

2017 Youth Art Contest – 9 to 13 Age Division

2017 9to13 champion

Meet the top 10 winners.


The Wild, Wild West, watercolor, by Angelina Eidemiller, Carmichael, California

2017 9to13 champion

“I like drawing horses because they are majestic animals.”

Reserve Champion

Saddle Up, oil, by Michael LeFevre, Mendon, Utah

2017 9to13 reserve

“I wanted to do something simple yet eye-catching. Oil paint to me is really easy to work with and easy to control.”

Top 10

Western Horse, watercolor, by Benjamin Kondor, Rancho Cordova, California

2017 9to13 Kondor

“I love, I love horses!!! I love to see [them] all being happy!”

The Whole Picture, pencil, by Laytin Bryan, Huntsville, Arkansas

2017 9to13 Brown

“The story that my picture tells is that sometimes absence can show you how to see. With only one half of the horse, it makes you able to imagine what the other half would look like. This was inspired because in January, a girl I considered family was killed in a car wreck, and I never saw her for what she was until she was gone. I found that having an absence of something can make you see it better.”

Western Horse Drawing, colored pencil, by Maddison Alldredge, Melissa, Texas

2017 9to13 Alldredge

“When I saw the horses in this picture I thought it would be a good challenge. The horses have many colors and shadows so it looked really fun to draw.”

Western Horse, pencil, by Yisel Reynoso, Melissa, Texas

2017 9to13 Reynoso

“I chose to draw this horse because it shows that it is free and the shading reminds me of the old days.”

Galloping in the Wind, pencil, by Lindsay Anderson, Melissa, Texas

2017 9to13 Anderson

“I chose this horse because its position gives great shadows, and I chose pencil because I feel like it gives the drawing a rustic look.”

Sunning on a Summer Day, colored pencil, by Annalee Hansen, McKinney, Texas

2017 9to13 Hansen

“I chose this medium because I had a lot of practice with it. I chose this picture because there were two horses.”

A Mother’s Gift, pencil, by Sarina Alvarado, Shamrock, Texas

2017 9to13 SarinaAlvarado

“This mare and colt are my two horses and she had him on Mother’s Day.”

Wind and the Horse, pencil, by Marlen Alvarado, Wheeler, Texas

2017 9to13 MarlenAlvarado

“I chose the pencil so it will look more realistic. I drew the horse because it was beautiful and caught my attention…. The horse’s eye was so amazingly beautiful.”

8 & Under Age Division Winners

14 to 18 Age Division Winners

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