Western Art

Dale Chavez’s No-Nos for Silver and Rawhide

Never use anything on silver other than bona fide silver cleaners. “You wouldn’t use silver cleaner on your car’s engine, would you?” says Dale. “So don’t use anything other than silver cleaner to shine your silver.”

Never scrub silver with abrasive pads or products.

Never plan on your braided rawhide looking like it’s perfectly new.

Never expect your tack to look completely brand new either. Most saddles, bridles and breast collars are made of animal products (leather), then worn by animals and used by humans, explains Dale. As such, there’s always going to be dirt and sweat everywhere. It’s the nature of the beast. So get over it. Enjoy your saddle, no matter what its original condition, like a treasured friend – with the beauty that comes with age.

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