Western Art

John DeMott

Born in 1954, and raised on southern California ranches, John DeMott’s comfortable painting people of the West in magnificent Western settings. He’s experienced the demanding work required in ranching and has developed an enduring appreciation for Western heritage.


</MCC PHOTOTABLE> DeMott has evolved from sign painting and hawking his wares at street shows to become a highly sought after painter of the American frontier. His drive to become a fine-art painter led him to study art on his own. At every opportunity, he visited museums and galleries, learned from other artists by painting with them, and became an avid collector of Western memorabilia to be used for future authentication.

His wife and high-school sweetheart, Cindy, has always been his staunchest admirer and critic. DeMott persisted with painting and quickly earned awards at juried shows, earning notice from several galleries. Along the way, DeMott realized historical subjects were his forte.

DeMott thrived on research and amassing the tools, wardrobe and accoutrements needed to recreate his subjects. In fact, he often makes the costumes worn by the subjects in his paintings.

Passionate about his work’s accuracy, it quickly became apparent to collectors that every detail in a DeMott painting will withstand critical scrutiny. He’s proud to be part of the preservation of the American heritage that’s resulted in demand for his work.

DeMott and his family left California in the early 1990s to settle on a small ranch near Loveland, Colorado. He designed and built a large studio to house his art collection, American Indian wardrobe and American frontier artifacts. From the front porch, he can see the spectacular Rocky Mountains, while behind the studio is a pond that frequently hosts ducks and geese. A riding arena and barns complete the idyllic setting.

On the web, visit johndemott.com or demottgallery.com.

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