FORT WORTH, TEXAS—Western Horseman is launching a new campaign called “It’s Cool to be Cowboy.” The project revolves around the magazine’s longstanding belief that the values of the Western lifestyle are timeless, classic and more relevant than ever to up-and-coming generations. It’s Cool to be Cowboy recognizes the importance of horsemanship, the cowboy spirit and riding for a brand.

Western Horseman will reveal It’s Cool to be Cowboy at Western Heritage Classic in Abilene, Texas, May 9–12, with new t-shirts, caps, stickers, koozies and other products. The magazine will continue to use the slogan and hashtag in merchandise, social media pages, and other marketing efforts.

It’s Cool to be Cowboy will be used in conjunction with the magazine’s new staple image Looking for Sunsets, by Western pop artist Billy Schenck. The image, which appeared on the February 2019 cover, will be used in signage, merchandise and promotional material and was selected for its vintage feel with a contemporary twist.

Western Horseman has acknowledged that it’s cool to be cowboy since it’s inception in 1936,” says Marketing Manager Lizzie Iwersen. “And it’s neat that young generations are embracing their roots and showing their pride and respect for the West through their style, good horses and dedication to ranching. Looking for Sunsets and the ‘It’s Cool to be Cowboy’ sentiment appeals to our loyal subscribers and will recruit more cowboys and cowgirls to the Western Horseman family. The cowboy in Schenck’s image could be from any era, and symbolizes that cowboys are timeless and will never be out of style.”

Western Horseman invites subscribers and fans of the brand to stop by their booth at Western Heritage Classic. Merchandise can also be purchased at, where folks can subscribe, catch up on content, and shop for books, Western prints and more.

Western Horseman, published since 1936, is the world’s leading magazine dedicated to stock horses.

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