How to help those affected by the devastating fires in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado.

Pelham FirePhoto
Photo taken by Jason Pelham, Spade Ranches, Canadian, Texas

The devastation left behind from a grass fire is almost too much for words. Just in the last 36 hours, hundreds of families have been impacted by wildfires throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado. The Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation has an established wildfire relief fund to help working ranch families in moments like this.

The families and communities devastated by this fire will need help and support for many months to come. There are many avenues for individuals and businesses to make a contribution. The WRCA Foundation continues to accept cash donations for the Wildfire Relief Fund to benefit working ranch families in moments of crisis like this fire.

Three ways to donate to the WRCF Wildfire Relief Fund:
1. Donate online at (indicate funds for WRCF Wildfire Relief Fund)
2. Send donation to WRCF Wildfire Relief Fund, 408 SW 7th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79101
3. Call WRCF at (806) 374-9722

The communities affected will have short-term and long-term needs. Items like hay and feed for livestock will be critical in the immediate aftermath of the fires. The WTAMU Ranch Horse Team helped compile a list of drop locations by state, click here to view the list.

If anyone has others to add to the list, please contact WRCA headquarters at [email protected].

The WRCA Foundation’s mission is to provide financial assistance to working ranch cowboys and their families through crisis assistance and scholarship funding. All donations to the foundation are tax deductible. To learn more about the WRCA Foundation and to donate to the Wildfire Relief Fund visit or call (806) 374-9722.


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