Midwestern Trainer and clinician Terry Myers recommends teaching your horse to follow a rope before teaching him to stand tied. The lessons will help him move forward toward the object to which he’s tied. However, if your horse has spooked during past tying sessions, he might have extra fear associated with tying. If groundwork and tying to inner tubes and highlines isn’t helping your horse, the following exercise might give him extra cues to help him to move forward and stand still.

How to do it:

A. Outfit your horse in a saddle with back cinch. Fit your horse with a rope halter, and locate a safe tying spot. Make sure anything you tie to is a permanent structure, such as a deeply set post. Avoid gates and single boards.

B. Run a rope through the clip spot on your horse’s halter.

C. Continue to lead the rope past your horse’s neck, and loop it securely around your saddle horn.

D. Tie your horse with the loose end of the rope and step away. Allow him time to learn his boundaries and stand still on his own.

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