Shawn Williams, who describes himself as a “highly trained cowboy fashion reporter,” shares tips for swinging a rope with style.

Once again, Shawn Williams has on another eye-catching, head-turning pearl snap shirt. It’s color is “domestic teal,” which he claims captures the electricity of green but keeps the calming effect of blue. According to Williams it’s the ideal color for any learning experience. And that ties in well with his latest installment of “Fashion Tips & Wild West Wisdom.”

Here, he shares a few simple tips for swinging a loop. While there are many videos that already exist for team roping, calf roping, ranch roping and “vaquero roping,” Williams instead focuses on the very basic steps of swinging a rope. His advice is aimed at those who are new to roping.

Williams, with his keen eye for fashion, is quick to point out that the rope you choose does not have to match the “Western ensemble” you’re wearing, but it’s real cool if it does. However, more important is that the rope is easy to handle. A kid’s poly makes a good starter rope because it’s limber and won’t wear out your arm muscles.

The insightful steps that Williams lists might surprise you. They include throwing the rope on the ground, making your finger and thumb into a gun, and looking at the back of your hand. Once you become proficient at swinging a loop, you’re able to step up to more advanced coaching for roping. More importantly, absorbing these tips from a highly trained fashion professional like Williams will translate to you becoming a stylish steer roper, a dashing dally roper, a color-conscious calf roper, or maybe a vogue vaquero.

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