Horseman Trevor Carter uses this simple drill to teach a horse a flying lead change.

Carter explains the exercise in detail in the February 2020 issue of Western Horseman.


  1. Kristie Hefling Reply

    Thank you for having Trevor Carter in the Western Horsemen and having him show us this exercise for relaxed Lead Changes!

  2. Love this approach! Keep them relaxed so they want to perform the maneuver. Basic, sound advice.

  3. Thank you for presenting lead change from a simple and relaxed perspective. I’ve struggled with lead changes for the first time with the horse I’m currently riding. He came to me as a green-broke aged gelding. Trying to push all of the right buttons has not worked. Keeping it simple and relaxed was the key for him and the advice I sought was frustratingly complex. Thank you for giving me “permission” to let him figure it out without overwhelming him…and me!

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