You might know a lot about the American Quarter Horse, but what do you know about the Thoroughbred, the Azteca or the Appaloosa?

How Did You Do?

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90% – 100%

You are the fanatic! You would likely know something about every breed mentioned in this article, “Equine Alphabet Soup”. Maybe you’ve even owned or ridden a handful of these different breeds, but nonetheless you have a deep appreciation for horses and their history.

70% – 80%

You know your stuff! Not much gets by you when it comes to the history and characteristics of equine breeds, and when it does, it’s an obscure breed that hasn’t yet come across your radar.

50% – 60%

You are well versed in the mainstream breeds! If you were to sit at a local 4-H horse show you’d be able to pick out and name all the breeds that came through the ring. You might not know the full history of each, but the characteristics are enough for you to be able to tell which kind of horse it is.

30% – 40%

You know your favorite breeds. It could be because maybe you own or have ridden one of the breeds listed, therefore you’ve learned quite a lot about its background. Or, maybe you remember reading about your favorite equine breeds in one of your Western Horseman magazines. Even still, you might have read about them in the Neu Perspectives blog or from our Flashbacks section on our website. Kelli Neubert is also in favor of a few of these breeds listed in the quiz.

10% – 20%

You’re the one horse/one rider type, and that’s true loyalty. You know the breed that suits you and you stick with it. You don’t need to know about the other breeds because you’re too busy learning more about the breed that you like best. You can be found hanging out at that breed association’s events and horse shows in both the stands and in the arena.


Well, your favorite breed wasn’t listed in the quiz. That’s okay because we would love for you to leave us a comment on this article telling us what breed you like best!

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