Meet New Zealander Vicki Wilson! She’s part of the all-female lineup of crack horsewomen in the 2017 Road to the Horse colt starting competition. 

Interview by Christine Hamilton
March 16, 2017 

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Though most horse people in this half of the globe might not have heard of Vicki Wilson, the other half have, as a championship-earning English show jumping and dressage competitor from New Zealand.

Wilson and her sisters, Kelly and Amanda, also have remarkable experience starting wild horses and rehabbing problem horses, as showcased in their reality television show Keeping Up with the Kaimanawas.

She brings exciting new elements to the 2017 Road to the Horse colt starting competition.

Western Horseman caught up with Wilson an ocean away to hear about her colt starting techniques, her experiences with wild horses from three continents and her perspective on horsemanship.

Hear what she has to say in this exclusive Western Horseman interview.

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