Squash boredom with toys designed to keep your horse mentally active and entertained.

Stick carrots in the horse toy Carrot Ball to keep horses happy and reduce unwanted behaviors.

The hanging Carrot Ball (suggested retail $43.99) will entertain a horse for hours trying to remove carrots from the ball’s holes. Inflate the ball using a bicycle pump and the included adapter. The ball’s “Hug & Tug” feature allows the air pressure to vary to adjust the effort required to remove the carrots.

A ball designed for horses can be fun toy out in the pasture.

The Stacy Westfall Activity Ball from Weaver Leather, available in three sizes (suggested retail $42.29−$88.39), can be used to desensitize a horse to new things, to help improve a rider’s balance and seat position, and to entertain a confined horse. Each ball comes with an instructional DVD and pump.

Likit's stall toys provides a tasty, fun activity.

Likit rolling treats (suggested retail $21.95 for the holder, $7.95 per treat refill) fit in a hanging holder and can also be used in a variety of the manufacturer’s toys. Made in Scotland, the treats come in a variety of flavors, including apple, carrot, mint, Himalayan salt and natural molasses, and contain protein oil, fiber, vitamin E and biotin.

Some equine stall toys are edible.

Horses will have fun trying to grab and lick Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Ball (suggested retail $24.99). The tasty supplement balls are packed with quality ingredients, vitamins and minerals. They come in a variety of flavors, including apple, carrot, molasses, peppermint, sweet and salty, and no sugar added. uncle-jimmys.com

Using toys designed for horses can keep horses mentally active.

Shires’ Equestrian Products’ Hay Ball (suggested retail $24.99) trickle feeds hay or haylage to enrich a stabled horse’s environment. The durable ball has 32 faces with 19 feeder holes and won’t roll out of reach. It can also be hung with the removable strap that is included.

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