Miles Baker — Riding Outside the Arena

Miles Baker riding a young horse outside the arena

Training horses on a remote cattle outfit in Oklahoma, Miles Baker caught the attention of 25-time world champion Trevor Brazile. Now the two men partner on developing top rope horses with a ranching background.

Oklahoma cowboy Miles Baker has teamed up with the “King of Cowboys,” Trevor Brazile, to make top-shelf rope horses. Baker establishes a foundation on their young horses by giving them jobs to do outside the arena so when it comes time for Brazile to finish them in the roping pen, they are equipped with a solid mind and sturdy work ethic.

“Just going through the brush, seeing wild pigs, crossing the water or loping across the hills to check cattle swinging a rope,” says Baker, “They’re seeing a lot more than just arena dirt.”

Read the full story “Outside Miles” in the September 2020 issue of Western Horseman magazine.

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