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Super Puncher Accessories

Dale Brisby explaining the proper super puncher accessories

Being cool is a top priority for super puncher Dale Brisby. The Western comedian takes a few minutes to explain what accessories are non-negotiable in order to be the punchiest hand around.

When it comes to being a super puncher, Dale Brisby know a thing or two of how to do it and how to look good, too. In his latest video, the self-proclaimed “greatest cowboy to walk the Earth” goes through his list of cowboy accessories and gear folks can add to their getup.

The List

Quirt – “I don’t even use it on Boone. Like I said, he’s a bronc,” says Brisby.

Cuffs – To look the part, slap some brush guards on your forearms.

Leggings – Wear whatever ranch pants you’d like: shotguns, chinks, bells, Arizona bells. Just don’t skip this major piece of gear.

Old Feed Truck – “The next thing you need is an old feed truck. This one is a first-gen with a different colored door, 4×4, with an empty feeder. Why [is it empty]? Because I only have 14 cows. I don’t need one of these—but it looks cool,” says Brisby.

Half-Top Trailer – Hook up your bumper pull or gooseneck, doesn’t matter. But it has to be a half top.

Hobbles for a horse; shackles for a cow – On your saddle, make sure you have some hobbles AND a pair of shackles. (Don’t worry, you won’t use them.)

Fencing Pliers – Like the hobbles and shackles, you won’t use a pair of fencing pliers, “because you’re a superpuncher,” says Brisby.

Back Billets – “For the broncs,” Brisby points out.

Sewn Latigos – Brisby has taking a new liking to sewn latigos, so you know it has to be cool.

Rope – “If you’re rope doesn’t have a hand-tied horn knot, it’s not cool,” Brisby says.

“You need to go spend thousands of dollars on these accessories so your peers and colleagues, nay your inferiors, think you’re a cool cowboy,” says Brisby. So get out there and spend your day wages, punchers!

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