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What Every Horse Trainer Needs

Dale Brisby sitting in the pickup with Parke Greeson explaining what every horse trainer needs

In his latest video, self-professed super puncher Dale Brisby meets up with horseman Parke Greeson, and the two come up with a list of tack and equipment every horse trainer needs.

Turns out, Dale Brisby is more than just the world’s greatest bull rider. The super puncher will also tell you everything you need to know about training a horse. In his latest satirical video, Brisby meets up with horseman Parke Greeson, who trains reined cow horses for Sarco Creek Ranch in Goliad, Texas.

In the cab of a pick-up truck, the two buddies discuss the trappings of a true horse trainer.

“What does somebody need to be a horse trainer?” asks Brisby. A horse would be good, for starters. And a saddle is nice, too. Another item high on his list is a horsemanship flag. “You gotta have a flag,” says Brisby. “You ain’t got a flag, you ain’t no horse trainer.”

Once you have the horse, a saddle (optional), and a flag, you need to gear up with bits, says Greeson and Brisby. Lots of ‘em. Essentially, get your hands on every type of headstall possible from a mechanical hackamore to a rope hackamore. You may not even use a hackamore, since “you’re going to start [the colt] with a halter,” says Brisby.

Other essentials that these two brainstormers suggested include stadium-type seating (so that folks can watch and observe training); a set of leggings; and a morale, “because the public doesn’t like wild horses.”

If you’re looking to be a horse trainer, this list is a good starting point. That is, at least, according to Brisby, who doesn’t hesitate to point out, “It’s cool to be Cowboy.”

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    • I’m ranch raised, and have worked with lots of horses, today I train some horses for working cow horse. I work alone and enjoy peace and quiet. The first thing I would leave out of the truck or tack room would be Dale Brisby.


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