August 2021 Western HorsemanAugust 2021

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Matthew Rodgers drags a calf to the fire on Babbitt Ranches in northern Arizona. Check out a special section on the legendary outfit beginning on page 44. Photo by Jennifer Denison

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The first ranch rodeo was held this month 40 years ago, and a dark horse team with lots of cow savvy fittingly claimed the championship. By ROSS HECOX, Page 38

Babbitt colt starter Wade Printz has set ambitious goals for his working cowboy career. By ROSS HECOX, Page 48

Using a family bread recipe, Leann Ashurst makes Friday French Toast for the Babbitt crew. By JENNIFER DENISON, Page 62

For 135 years, Babbitt Ranches has persevered due to the longevity, innovation and enterprising spirit of the families involved, drawing from core values that shape their daily lives and the Babbitt community. By JENNIFER DENISON, Page 64


How-To Jeremy Knoles uses open pasture to teach young horses forward motion and practical cow sense. Page 14

Women of the West Between promoting Quarter Horses and protecting newborn lambs from predators, Sky Carrithers of Argentina prioritizes the well-being of family, livestock and the land. Page 18

Backcountry With evening bonfires, fire-roasted cuisine and miles of foliage-rich trails, horse camping offers a backcountry experience that is closer than you might think. Page 22

Rodeo Legendary bucking horse and sire Grated Coconut has easily earned his induction into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. Page 32

Real Life Ranch Wife When pulling a broke-down stock truck along a steep mountain road, know how to use your mirrors and try not to send your husband over the edge. Page 36

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