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Western Horseman January 2022

Oklahoman Whitney Hall is the definition of an all around cowgirl; she has earned recognition in ranch rodeos, ranch horse shows and the cutting and reined cow horse arenas, all while running the family ranch. Photo by Constance Jaeggi.

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Meet 10 women who have set records, broken barriers, made headlines and raised the bar in the horse industry and throughout Western culture. BY LIZZIE IWERSEN, Page 54

Fly along with livestock attendant Adrianne Cruz, who has created a thriving business transporting horses and other animals between the mainland and her native Hawaii. BY JENNIFER DENISON, Page 68

With multiple world titles, Hailey Kinsel has dominated the barrel racing ranks. Her fast success stems not only from a talented palomino mare, but also from ranching roots tracing to Cotulla, Texas. BY KAILEY SULLINS, Page 78

Beneath Mount Rainier’s snow-capped peak, an escaramuza team aims to make history, both with their charreada performance and the lasting impact they leave as horsewomen. BY ANDRIA HAUTAMKI, Page 86


Living the Dream Silversmith Nevada Miller offers an innovative way to develop craftsmanship skills from anywhere. Page 23

Women of the West Horsewoman Sandy Collier continues to inspire and shape the next generation of industry leaders. Page 28

How-To Kelsey Thomas shares her step-by-step approach to roping accurately, whether in the arena or out in a pasture. Page 30

Backcountry When horsepacking, it’s helpful to identify the pecking order of your string. Page 34

Rodeo Kirsten Vold has evolved her business while paving the way for future female stock contractors. Page 38

3 Questions As its executive director, Anna Morrison is pushing the National Reined Cow Horse Association toward new goals. Page 42

Craftsmanship Mother-daughter horsehair twisters Helen Dougal and Gloria Michelle use techniques passed down through generations in their family. Page 44

Cowboy Cooking Mackenzie Kimbro adds her own flavor to a family favorite ice cream recipe. Page 48

Real Life Ranch Wife The glorious realities of motherhood didn’t fully sink in until the day I helped my husband rope and load a few calves in a brush pasture. Page 50

Products Beauty and function abound with this sampling of products made by women, for women. Page 52

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