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Buck Brannaman
Portrait of renowned horse trainer Buck Brannaman on horseback. Photography by Rob Hammer

The March 2024 Western Horseman issue is full of stories about the early stages of a horse’s life, from the time they hit the ground to the first saddle on their back.
Western Horseman March 2024

In This Issue

First impressions are key when considering the potential future of a young horse, whether it’s color, confirmation or markings. BY KATE BRADLEY BYARS, Page 60

A branding at the OW Ranch turned into an impromptu clinic when world-renowned trainer Buck Brannaman stepped in to help with a stubborn equine. BY ROB HAMMER, Page 68

Sharing facilities with a fellow trainer might seem unusual, but for this group, it benefits both the horses and the riders. BY KATE BRADLEY BYARS Page 75

There’s no such thing as an easy day at a foaling farm, just a long one. BY MEGAN ARSZMAN, Page 80

Ride West

Family Ranch Bryan Neubert’s idea of success surpasses anything he’s done on a horse. Page 18

Women of the West Working alongside her husband, Marianne Clark is starting colts that will go from the ranch to the arena. Page 24

Training Pre-K for Horses: Laying a strong foundation before handing over the reins for formal training. Page 26

Horsemanship Tarleton State University students learn as much from sale rings and stall barns as they do from textbooks and lectures. Page 32

Real Life Ranch Wife From the page to the stage: Jolyn Young tries her hand at stand-up comedy. Page 36

Craftsmen Kristin Allen works to preserve Western life through colorful leather scenes. Page 38

Products When it’s time to start training colts, you need the right equipment to be safe and effective. Page 46

Rodeo Preview The American Western Weekend, one of the richest rodeos and performance horse events of the year. Page 48

Arenas An evidence-based horsemanship ties science to performance. Page 52

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