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Western Horseman October 2022 Cover
Western Horseman October 2022

Sundown by Glenn Dean of Camrbia, California. Dean has been painting for 25 years, pulling inspiration from all over the Southwest. The 24×30-inch oil on canvas painting was done from a still image taken in 2019. The painting sold earlier this year at the Prix de West exhibit at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

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The XIT Ranch seems like a long-lost legend, but the historic Texas ranch is making a comeback. STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY KATE BRADLEY BYARS, Page 60

Whether it was a bombproof old-timer or a pestering pony, a first horse teaches important lessons to their pint-sized rider. BY KATIE FRANK, Page 70

Luke Jones is an all-around horseman and an all-round good guy. BY LIZZIE IWERSEN, Page 76

On an isolated ranch in southern Arizona, the Wilbur-Cruce line of Spanish horses defied the odds of history, drought and predation to become a treasure trove of genetic significance. STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ANDRIA HAUTAMAKI, Page 84

Ride West

Horsemanship Rope horse trainer Jordan Allyn spends time slowing down in order to be faster. Page 21

How To Navigating cactus country. Page 26

Health When the days get shorter and colder, take time to rethink your horse’s needs during winter workouts. Page 30

Products Healthy as a horse – these innovative products help keep your horse at its best. Page 34

Real Life Ranch Wife Back in the saddle – after six years of pregnancies, remote living and lack of childcare, Jolyn Young is ready for some horseback freedom. Page 38

Rodeo The art of rodeo – Sammy Jo Bird’s passions for painting and roping are mutually beneficial. Page 40

Woman of the West With a cowboying career spanning four decades, Marry Abbot delights in the raw beauty and challenges of ranching in the southwest. Page 44

Gifted Gear Clayton Edsall’s sombrero conchos. Page 46

Cowboy Cooking When Jack Gully cooks at the Mill Iron S branding, he focuses on making good food for a hungry crew. Page 48

Craftsman Inspired by the paniolo and ranching culture, Hawaiian-native Bill Ferreira braids fine strands of rawhide into functional cowboy gear. Page 52

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