Sponsored by The Mustang Challenge

Get ready to adopt your mustang and compete in The Mustang Challenge July 11-13 2024 in Las Vegas, NV. There will be a $125,000 purse and $50,000 will be awarded to the champion. The Mustang Challenge is the richest national mustang championship competition in the U.S. Classes will include trail, ranch, as well as a pattern class. Saturday night the top 10 competitors will compete in the freestyle finals.

This is a great opportunity to compete with a previously wild mustang. Adopt or purchase your mustang from October 1 to April 1, 2023. Register your mustang so you can have the benefit of support from mustang professionals. Learn some new training techniques through our Training Readiness Curriculum. Before you compete at the Mustang Challenge you will need to prove that you have shown your mustang in a local or national competition to qualify to compete in Las Vegas. You do not need to be the mustang adopter or purchaser and you can compete with up to two mustangs.

Please share this information with other trainers and competitors that may be interested in competing. Challenge others to join you as you train to compete. Find a trainer to help you on your journey. We want you to be a hero to a mustang and compete. Please contact Stormy Mullins or Lizzie Foster with questions you might have regarding the competition.

For more information, please go to mustangchallenge2024.com.

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