When temperatures dip this winter, keep your horse warm with a blanket designed for the elements. As the leaves change color and fall turns to winter, horse owners begin to think about what it takes to care for their animals in cold weather. The financial investment that horse owners have in their horses is huge, but that is often trumped by the emotional investment. The well-being of those equine partners is so important!

A good turnout blanket is one piece of equipment that eases the minds of horse owners everywhere. Turnout blankets have to be tough to withstand the rigors that horses put them through. The aptly named Tough 1, from JTI International, certainly fits the bill.Tough 1

Made with a waterproof, ripstop, 1200 Denier poly outer shell, the Basics by Tough 1 line is both durable and affordable. Constructed with shoulder gussets, it allows for complete freedom of movement. Horses can lie down and roll to their heart’s content without the blanket getting in a bind. Tough 1 designed a blanket that puts the horse’s comfort first at a budget-friendly price.

Each blanket in the Basics line features a tail flap and fleece wither protector that saves the hair from being rubbed. It’s important to care for manes and tails because for most they are not easy to grow!

Tough 1 horse blanket

Additionally, there are two different levels of poly fill for added warmth, plus crossed straps with surcingle buckles, a double buckle front closure, and leg straps with buckles that close inward. All these features make it easy to blanket and unblanket your horse. To top it all off, the Tough1 Basic is available in seven colors!

So when those cold winter winds are howling and snow is falling, you will have complete peace of mind knowing that your equine partner is warm and dry, despite Mother Nature’s best efforts! To find a dealer near you, go to www.jtidist.com.Tough 1 logo


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