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For Land, For Life


Born in the shadows of the Tetons and raised in a setting equal parts unforgiving and unforgettable, Schaefer Outfitter knows a thing or two about crafting comfortable and durable garments for the range. Every stitch has meaning, every rivet has a mission. That’s why cowboys and ranchers have trusted them since 1982.

For Land, For Life.

For Over 40 years Schaefer Outfitter has been caretakers of a lost way of life. Champions of a long hard day’s work. Old friends with every rancher, farmer, horseman, and cowboy who spend their lives with the sun on their face and the elements beating at their back.

“We have a lot of extreme weather in the Panhandle. In the winter, we can have 30mph howlers with snow and don’t have a choice but to get the job done outside. We depend on our Schaefer gear to keep us comfortable on these long days and are proud to work with such a great group of people.” Drew Knowles, XIT Ranch

Schaefer Outfitter has geared up generation after generation with everything they need to live a purposeful life working the hallowed lands their ancestors sacrificed everything for.

Cowboy Tested, Cowboy Approved™.

Known for their proven Outerwear, Schaefer Outfitter puts the same attention to detail and quality into all their apparel.

Schaefer outfitter cowboy handles rope

For example, their shirts are designed with the cowboy in mind. They are timeless in style but incorporate modern materials for ultimate comfort and durability. Not to mention they are raising the bar on western performance shirting with their new RangeTek Western Guide Longsleeve Snap Shirts.

Schaefer’s line of Pants and Dungarees deserves more attention than they get. Maybe it’s because people don’t know about the great variety of classic denim dungarees and canvas pants they offer. Pants that are carefully crafted for in-saddle and out-of-saddle work. And all the pants have been Cowboy Tested and Cowboy Approved™, so you know they can handle anything you throw at them. But don’t take our word for it – check out the rave customer reviews!

Schaefer Outfitter is constantly pushing the boundaries of what we consider to be top-quality western and workwear. If you’re looking for garments that are comfortable, durable, and built to last, you’ll find what you need at SchaeferOutfitter.com.

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