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By Joy M. Campbell, APC, Inc., Ankeny, IA

Horses are truly creatures of habit. They thrive on a day-to-day routine. Everything works better when you follow the same daily schedule, whether it’s feeding, training, exercising or turn-out time. When you do something that gets your horses out of their routine, like hauling to a show, moving to a new barn or a different pasture, it can create stress.


Sometimes stress can cause anxiety, undesirable behavior and even physical illness. Just think about how stress can affect your own life! Stress from exercise, competition, or from environmental factors can cause your horse’s immune system to attack its own body, causing inflammation that leaves your horse feeling sore and unable to perform to the best of his ability.

Performance supplements that contain biologically active proteins have proven to help ease the negative effects of normal stress in horses. Typically, you think of proteins in terms of feeding and nutrition, but their main function in this case is to support an efficient inflammatory response and address other stress-related conditions that can affect joint health, immunity and gut health. Plasma proteins have been in use for more than 30 years helping calves, swine and other animals reach their full potential.


LIFELINE Equine performance supplements, which contain BioThrive™, are derived from natural bovine plasma, using a process that preserves the biologically active proteins. BioThrive™ is given orally. Through LIFELINE, these benefits are now available to the equine industry and carry the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) seal.

APC, Inc., the maker of LIFELINE supplements has conducted more than 300 studies that demonstrate the benefits of plasma proteins in animals. In conjunction with Texas A&M University, APC conducted a study that measured gait kinematics in horses that were stressed by exercise. Gait kinematics analyzes how horses move, walk and run by measuring the movement in their joints- both range of motion and stride length. In this study Texas A&M used 30 mature American Quarter Horses that were grouped by age and body weight and randomly assigned for a 28 day study. The control group received no BioThrive™; the second group received 66 grams per day and the third group received 132 grams per day. All the horses were fed free choice coastal Bermuda hay.

During the study, each horse was exercised an hour per day, 5 days a week. They were asked to walk, trot and canter. Gait analysis was recorded on the first day to set a baseline for the study. To ensure consistency, each horse had the same handler throughout the study. Reflective tape was attached to each horse’s legs and they made 3 passes each day trotting in front of a video camera. The captured footage was fed into a computer for the analysis.


The horses that were given BioThrive™ had a longer stride with both their front and back legs and enhanced range of motion in their knees on both day 14 and day 28. The study indicated that after being on BioThrive™ there was optimal, healthy joint function and/or significant comfort in the animal during exercise, which allowed these improvements in motion. The results of this study are particularly promising to the owners and trainers of performance horses.

The results of the study have been supported by testimonials from many LIFELINE users. Owners have said, “My horse moves more freely and is not cinchy anymore”, “I’ve noticed freer movement”, “His stride and overall being are more comfortable and he seems less stressed in training.”

Ron Emmons, two-time NRCHA World’s Greatest Horseman winner said, “When you try BioThrive™ on your first horse and see a positive change, it’s good. But when you try it on your second horse and see another positive benefit, the product proves itself.”

According to Chris Cox, respected equine clinician, RFD-TV personality and four-time, undefeated Road to the Horse champion, “LIFELINE is a game changer for the industry and a LIFE changer for horses.”

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