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Tough Enough for the Real World

Jamie and her gelding cash

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On February 5, 2010 at 5:00 a.m., Tracy was awakened by a call from the highway patrol, who reported that one of her horses had been hit by a semi truck. After quickly dressing and arriving at the incident, Tracy found out her gelding, Cash, had been hit.

Tracy and her daughter, Jamie, assuming the worse, arrived to see that the only visible sign of damage was to his blanket, a small tear near the shoulder and some melting of the fabric all the way to his tail.

Tough 1 horse blanket

“I shudder to think what would have happened to him had he not been wearing the Tough1 turnout blanket. My vet told me that the blanket saved him from having a very large gash, and possibly death,” Tracy wrote.

Tracy continued in her email that she “would be honored if you used my story to tell people what a great product Tough1 blankets are. I own three, and will never purchase any other brand, especially after the incident with the semi truck and our beloved Cash.”

“I just wanted you to know that your Tough1 blanket may very well have saved my horse’s life,” Tracy wrote.

Tough 1 horse blanket

A good turnout blanket is one piece of equipment that eases horse owners’ minds everywhere. Turnout blankets have to be tough to withstand the rigors that horses put them through. The aptly named Tough1, from JT International, certainly fits the bill. The best selling style is made with a waterproof, ripstop, 1200 Denier poly outer shell, making it durable and affordable.

Constructed with the adjustable Snuggit neck closure, it allows for a more custom fit. Complete with shoulder gussets, it allows for complete freedom of movement. Horses can lie down and roll to their hearts’ content without the blanket getting in a bind. Tough1 designed a blanket that puts the horse’s comfort first at a budget-friendly price.

horse wearing tough-1 JTI blanket

Each blanket features a tail flap and fleece wither protector that saves the hair from being rubbed. Additionally, there are two different levels of polyfill for added warmth, plus crossed surcingle belly straps, a double buckle front closure with snaps for quick on/off, leg straps with elastic for comfort and three dee rings for attaching neck covers and hoods. All these features make it easy to blanket and unblanket your horse. To top it all off, this Tough1 blanket is available in 10 colors!

The financial investment that horse owners have in their horses is huge, but that is often trumped by the emotional investment. The well-being of those equine partners is so important!

Jamie and her gelding cash
Jamie stands with her gelding, Cash, warm in his Tough1 blanket.

So when those cold winter winds are howling and snow is falling, you will have complete peace of mind knowing that your equine partner is warm, dry and safe in a Tough1 blanket! For more information and to see all the blanket styles Tough1 has to offer, go to www.Tough1.com.

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