Purchasing American-made products matters not only to promote patriotism and independence but also to strengthen the United States economy and build brighter futures, one small business at a time. When you buy a product marked Made in the USA, you’re providing safe, fair jobs for Americans, keeping family businesses in operation for future generations, preserving traditional cowboy trades and ensuring consistent quality. Here are some products proudly made in the United States that support horses and the Western lifestyle.

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  1. Greg Webster Reply

    I couldn’t agree more. I found this site looking for a bedroll, and started reading the articles. As a country we need to bring manufacturing back. The coronavirus shutdown has brought more for me than I’ve had in years (hence why I need a bedroll). It’s proof that, if we buy US our poverty will evaporate (except for the deadbeats). I bought my bedroll from Broken Arrow in Atascadero California. Made in the US, and less than the overseas brands.

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