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Beet pulp is a great way to increase fiber in your horse or other livestock’s diet. Fiber helps provide animals with energy to grow, work, and play and is often fed as a supplement to help underweight horses gain weight. Beet pulp can also provide your horse with the extra energy it needs to recover from injury or illness.

What is beet pulp?

Beet pulp is a by-product of the sugar industry. Sugar is extracted from the beet leaving the pulp. The sugar finds its way into foods and grocery stores, while the pulp is used as an ingredient in animal feeds (less than 5% sugar). Beet pulp is rich in fiber and is unique in its form, as it is soluble fiber and highly digestible.

What are the benefits of feeding Standlee Premium Smart Beet to horses and other livestock?

High-calorie fiber source – Smart Beet is a high calorie, low protein, low sugar fiber source ideal for horses, cattle, goats, and sheep.

Smart Beet is a “super fiber” – The fiber is soluble, so it is more readily digestible than pasture, hay, or chaff. This allows it to provide digestible energy like that of good quality hay and grains. Sourcing energy from soluble fiber as opposed to energy from starches and sugars.

Safe option for helping with weight gain – Grains, such as oats, corn, and barley, are digested in the horse’s small intestine. If too much grain is fed in a single meal, it can result in undigested grain passing into the large intestine. Undigested grain can ferment and potentially cause digestive disorders such as colic or laminitis. As a fiber source, Smart Beet is digested in the large intestine, where hay is digested.

Standlee Smart Beet Products are a high calorie, low protein, low sugar fiber source recommended for horses that are underweight, performance horses, senior horses, horses that are sensitive to carbohydrates and pregnant and lactating mares. Standlee produces Smart Beet Pulp Pellets and Shreds from locally grown Idaho sugar beets to offer your animal the perfect food to give them the energy they need.

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