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Ready or not, late-fall and winter are closing in. Are you ready to protect your horse from varying mild fall to the coldest, wettest, or iciest temperatures?

Whatever your blanketing needs are, Classic Equine has you covered with a variety of blankets, sheets, hoods, and covers to keep your horse toasty during the colder months, no matter how far the thermometer drops. Here are six items to consider adding to your tack room when making your winter “horsekeeping” plan.

Best Blanketing Tips

Your best blanketing intentions don’t mean a thing without proper fit and care. Here are a few surefire tips to keep your blanketing game on point:

Get the fit. Just like your jeans, fit is everything. Classic Equine’s blanket sizing ranges from XS to XL, covering all sizes of horses with wiggle room thanks to fully adjustable fronts and straps. This prevents your horse’s blanket from being too big or too snug, which can make your horse uncomfortable and cause blanket rubs. Additionally, Classic Equine blankets are exceptionally balanced, which means even if the blanket is a little big, it’ll hang properly, and remain in place.

Keep it clean. Blankets get muddy, covered in hair, and just plain dirty. Thoroughly clean them by first removing any big pieces of debris with a stiff brush. (An old dandy brush works great for this and prevents snags.) If it’s warm enough, hang the blanket on a fence and use a high-pressure setting on your hose to remove dirt and grime. If you want to use soap, choose a mild detergent, and ensure that it rinses completely. Soap residue can cause skin irritation and degrade the fabric’s integrity. Be sure to clean all blankets before storing them.

Blanket: Stable Sheets

Details: Stable sheets are ideal for light coverage or layering under heavier blankets or use one over a slinky. Choose from open or closed fronts, depending on adjustment needs.

  • Lined shoulders prevent rubbing
  • Two leg straps and a belly strap allow for secure fastening.

Useful tip: These are meant for use in a stall or trailer only; they’re not suitable for turnout or use while on a walker.

Mild Fall and Rain Wear

Blanket: Wind Breaker

Details: If you have mild winters or need a light cover when seasons transition, the Wind Breaker Turnout Sheet is often chosen for nights into the high 40’s and 50s, with winds rain. Pick from a hood or no-hood version, depending on your needs.

  • Neck dart allows your horse to easily drop his head, and shoulder darts allow full range of motion while in the pasture. The elastic at the neck keeps out the chilly breeze.
  • Adjustable front allows a customized fit, and clips provide easy on/off.
  • 1200-denier outer prevents rips; silky lining keeps hair smooth.

Useful tip: If wind is a problem, this blanket is a solid deterrent. Fasten the belly straps through the loops to drape and still allow air flow to the belly or fasten outside the loops for full belly.

Definite Chill in the Air

Blanket: 5K Cross Trainer™

Details: If your nights get darn chilly and maybe even wet—dropping down in to the 40’s 5K could be a great fit for your blanketing needs. It has all the same features as the Windbreaker, plus a medium fill for warmth and offered in hood and no-hood options.

  • 100 grams of fiber fill provides extra warmth and insulation.
  • 1200-denier outer shell is waterproof and prevents rips; silky lining keeps hair smooth.
  • Wind protection via elastic at the neck, hook-and-loop closures at the front, and a large extended tail flap.

Useful tip: Layer over a Stable Sheet or Windbreaker for added protection. When layered with a Windbreaker the 5K will keep your horse toasty well down into the 30’s.

Winter Weather

Blanket: 10K Cross Trainer™

Details: When you live in a wintery climate, your horse might need extra warmth on exceptionally cold days and nights. The 10K is specially designed for when it’s 30 degrees or lower for extended periods of time. It has all the same features as the Windbreaker and 5K, including hood and no-hood options.

  • Heavy 300 grams of fiber fill provides extra warmth and insulation.

Useful tip: Be mindful when temperatures rise. You never want your horse to become too warm or sweat under their blanket. When daytime temps rise, many horse owners switch to a lighter blanket during the day.

Coolers: Polar Fleece Cooler

Details: The term “cooler” is often misunderstood. Coolers are intended to help a sweaty, warm horse from catching chill after a bath or a ride in the winter months. Or to help a wet horse dry faster in mild temps or indoors. Winter workouts can lead to a sweaty horse, which is a concern for your horse’s comfort and health. A Polar Fleece Cooler allows your horse to stay warm while he dries.

  • Use it with or without a saddle, thanks to an adjustable belly strap and a horn slot.
  • The tail strap prevents wind from getting under the Cooler.
  • Moisture-wicking material helps your horse dry quickly.

Useful tip: If budget is your biggest concern, try the Economy Polar Fleece Coller which functions the same, but made with a lighter fleece and a non-removable belly strap.

Protective Coverage

Blanket: Horse and Saddle Cover

Details: This product is a brand favorite! Use it when you get caught out in the elements to protect your horse and your tack from getting wet… from the trailer to the arena, or the barn to your trailer!

  • 600-denier ripstop fabric prevents snags and tears.
  • Silky lining keeps hair smooth.
  • Protects saddle, pad, stirrups, and your horse’s body under saddle in rain or ice

Useful tip: This product is great for wet weather, but also to keep your shiny horse and tack clean and dust-free when going from the barn to the arena. The Horse and Saddle Cover may cause sweating if left on for long periods in warmer weather. It is suggested that it be removed once your horse is out of the rain in warmer weather.

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