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The Deluxe 100% Wool Saddle Pad is the must-have pad for serious horsemen. This pad is built with highly desired 100% steam-pressed felt and is contoured to provide an optimum fit that keeps your saddle in place. The channel down the spine allows for airflow, while a smaller built up cut out offers additional bar support and whither relief. This is particularly helpful in roping events where a horse will take a jerk.

Wool Saddle Pad Trusted by World Champion Patrick Smith

Finished with skiving underneath the 100% genuine wear leathers, this pad reduces bulk, allowing for uniquely close contact and better communication between horse and rider. The Professional’s Choice 100% Deluxe Wool Pad is 1.25 inches thick and is available with a soft fleece bottom that wicks away moisture and adds an extra layer of comfort. Click here to learn more.

With its closer leg contact, durability, and overall workability this pad built for ultimate performance. With that being said, Professional’s Choice stands behind its products with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee/One-Year Warranty. Professional’s Choice knows “the more comfortable the horse, the better the performance.”

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