When horses are your passion, taking an equine-related vacation makes sense. But the type of destination you choose should fit you. Before you book your next vacation, ask yourself some questions. Knowing what you want, need and can do, and doing your research, will help you select the perfect horsey holiday.

1. What are my riding goals? If you want to work on your horse’s training or experience new places with your own horse, you can find destinations that host clinics or allow you to bring your horse. If you want to enjoy breathtaking scenery, you may instead select an outfitter with surefooted trail horses.

2. How much saddle savvy do I need? If you’re a beginner, make sure your destination has gentle horses, knowledgeable staff and trails safe enough for your abilities. If you’re experienced, you may be bored by a nose-to-tail trail rides in sedate pastures.

3. How much action do I crave? Stressful everyday lives may benefit from a trip with lots of downtime to recharge. However, if you feel stuck in a rut with work and life, an exciting, strenuous trip can revitalize you.

4. Which amenities are most important? Do you want luxurious lodging, or do you want to rough it? Will you be bored without a chance to go shopping in town, or are you looking for seclusion?

5. What’s my budget? Consider all transportation costs, lodging, food and other expenses when planning.

6. Can I trust this company? Look up the company’s website, reviews and any other information so you’re thoroughly informed before you pay your way. Research refund and cancellation policies.

Now that you’ve established some parameters, here is a selection of horse-related guest ranches, outfitters, clinics and destinations to help you plan your next trip.Special Advertising Section Western Horseman

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