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5 Star Equine Products only uses 100% pure wool in the manufacturing of our pads.  The natural properties of wool allow it to wick sweat and remove heat from your horse’s back. It also will absorb and disperse pressure to eliminate sore backs.

The Rancher 5 Star saddle pad is specially engineered for ropers and ranchers, as well as long trail rides. Designed to be used alone, our SUPER THICK 1-1/8″ wool pad eliminates the need to double pad and reduces cinching. The 100% pure wool is available in natural and black in the 1 1/8” thickness in a size to fit your specific needs.  Optional leg and cinch cutouts are available, as well as the flex fit wither option that eliminates pressure on the wither area and prevents the need to continually reseat the pad into the gullet of your saddle during long trail rides.  It is available in a mule and horse contour to fit any backline.  And, as always, all 5 Star Equine Products are handcrafted in the USA!

5 Star saddlepad

5 Star has been in business for 21 years and continues to offer exciting new tack and gear without compromising quality. Other 5 Star products include a full line of all-natural mohair cinches, breast collars and halters, as well as a full line of neoprene Patriot Sport Boots. Visit the website for more information. www.5starequine.com; (870) 389-6328


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  1. I love the 5 Star pads. I have heard to not use such a thick pas as it will make a saddle fit too narrow on mutton withers. Do you have any thoughts about it? THANKS!

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