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For horseman Ken McNabb, when he starts thinking about saddling his horse, the most important thing to him is the saddle pad. Follow along as McNabb explains the 3 functions of a saddle pad.

As Ken McNabb explains, the 3 functions of a saddle pad are to:

1. Absorb Pressure

2. Reduce Friction

3. Cool the Horse’s Back

You get all three of these features, plus a durable, great-looking pad with the NEW Synergy Performance Saddle Pad line by Weaver Leather.

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As a horse travels, its back rises under the saddle. The revolutionary new Synergy Natural Fit Performance Pad has a pocket in the pad made possible by the specifically designed inserts that encourage comfortable collection by allowing a space for your horse’s back to rise up into.

All Synergy Performance Saddle Pads come with a 90 Day Test Ride Guarantee so you can feel confident in your new pad purchase.

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