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Your performance horse’s legs carry you to accomplish all of your riding goals, from reining to cutting, working cow horse to roping. It makes sense that protecting your horse’s legs through every slide, spin and turn tops your list of concerns.

Innovative leg protection offers the entire package — comfort, functional fit, support and durability. With every move your horse makes, his protective leg wear should adjust and maintain support, especially under the most intense circumstances.

Classic Equine Flexion

When your horse is working, his lower limbs adapt so they can rotate and flex to allow sudden speed changes or accommodate changes in ground conditions. Protective boots with four-way stretch and 360-degree fetlock support provide the best assurance that your horse’s legs are covered.

Protective boots also prevent concussive injuries. Special features reduce vibration from impact with the ground and help absorb shock without adding unnecessary weight and bulk to the boots. The best protective boots also dissipate heat and allow the legs to breathe, keep dirt and debris out of the boot and dry quickly.

Classic Equine’s new Flexion by Legacy protective boots reinforce your horse’s natural motion while supporting and protecting his legs’ critical structures. The boot features FP 360™ protection — a high-tech, thermo-formed outer layer of connected cells that move to support and protect the limbs. This innovation improves the comfort, fit and support of Classic’s patented cradle fetlock support system; dampens vibration from impact; and provides soft, wear-resistant protection. Choose from traditional black or white, or add some color with new crimson or deep blue options.

Check your local Classic Equine dealer to find a pair to protect and support your horse’s most valuable asset.

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