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Trail riding is how you decompress. It allows you to enjoy nature and spend valuable time with friends and family. It may even be therapeutic. Trail riding on rough, uneven terrain for many miles puts a lot of strain on your horse. Your horses need comfort and protection to do their job to the best of their ability.

Protect Your Equine Partner with a 5 Star Saddle Pad:

• 5 Star pads are made from ONLY the finest quality 100% pure wool, and therefore provide all the properties and qualities associated with all-natural wool.

• 5 Star pads are breathable and remove heat away from your horse, while also drawing moisture/sweat away from your horses back, keeping them cooler and dryer.

• 5 Star pads are proven to protect against saddle pressure points on your horse’s back and do not trap heat like other pads that are made with or contain synthetic materials.

Don’t risk your horse’s health with an inferior product or replica. Choose 5 Star saddle pads to protect your horse. 5 Star’s 100% Wool Contoured Saddle Pads are HANDMADE IN THE USA and made of the World’s Finest 100% Pure Wool.

5 Star recommends 1-2″ of pad around the perimeter of your saddle. The All Around is 30” x 30” and available in thicknesses up to 1 1/8″ thick, offering maximum protection for your working horse.

The All Around 5 Star Saddle Pad is a great all around pad for trail riding but is also good for barrel racing, roping, and smaller skirted saddles.

Handmade in the USA!

5 Star Equine, manufacturer of the world’s finest, all-natural saddle pads and mohair cinches. (5starequineproducts.com)

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