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Every hand knows that a good day’s work comes from attention to the details. Details of a lifestyle from sun up to sun down shared with a sense of pride and respect for everything living of the land and livestock.

This same pride is rooted in the character and craftsmanship guiding a core at Weaver Leather. It is what brings a product to life & gives it richness for a good day’s work and performance you can trust.


Handcrafting a large selection of leather goods for over 40 years, many products are brought to life, but have you ever wondered where the inspiration comes from? Let’s take a look into the new Native Spirit Collection on a tour with insider designer, Tanya Ranta.


1. Tanya, when looking at new tack collections for 2017, where did you start?

“When looking at future designs & styles I have many aspects to look at. You have to start studying and analyzing trends, styles, and fashions and come up with your own feel & character to be a part of that move. I work closely with industry experts and teammates to brainstorm these areas and create concepts to bring to life.”

2. Tell us a little bit of history behind the New Native Spirit Collection.

“When looking at 2017 as a whole our team really wanted to do something unique & exclusive. From studying trends we wanted new looks that were versatile across the western industry. Leather is our expertise in house, but we wanted to branch out and add a whole other piece to that…..what about custom hardware!? Something unique, that nobody else has yet. I sat down one weekend and started drawing up ideas on graph paper. From there, it all escalated.”

3. Working with leather is an art. How does a collection come to life?

“Expertise and knowledge is so key in creating a vision. I work very closely with an in house leather expert, Dena, to create a 1st round of samples. Dena can take a sketch, feel my backstory, pull together concepts also tied into other departments and bring a vison to life. On the new Native Spirit Collection alongside of the buckles I also drew an embroidery design which evolved through stages of our Marketing Department and then to Embroidery to create a final piece that lends accents to a beaded custom appeal. It can go through many stages until it hits production with our team of experts who find quality in the details. From leather selection, to cutting, stitching, finishing the edges and more it is a true art of history passed down.”

4. Do you think you will do more custom designs in the future?

“Absolutely! We have already carried more custom options through an elegant Working Tack harness line that is hand buttered, oiled and will continue to add to these inspirations.”

So there you have it! An inside look with new products design expert Tanya Ranta of Weaver Leather.

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