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Calving season is the most rewarding, challenging and sleep-deprived time of the year. I am sure you can relate to late nights assisting births, cool mornings riding across the field processing newborn calves, bottle feeding babies, sorting pairs, restocking supplies, saddling…unsaddling … saddling … unsaddling… and you get the point.

One thing is for sure, calving season in big country isn’t possible without the trust and honor of your loyal horse. Covering countryside to check the herd, side-passing smoothly to every gate as you sort pairs, pulling in sleds with newborn babies or even holding the rope tight as you step off to process around a new momma who may be a little nervous, builds a horse and rider relationship like non-other. What would life be like if you didn’t have your trusted companion by your side to share this burning passion with?

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As you prepare for calving season, you should be checking that your gear is ready to go. If your gear is not top quality and unreliable, your job, and most importantly, the safety of you and your horse is in jeopardy. As you are crossing off that checklist, make leather tack be your priority. It is tried and true. This year if you are needing to replace some old or simply looking to upgrade into something new, Weaver Leather has a great selection of leather strap goods that were handcrafted in the USA with you in mind.

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The working tack line is crafted from top grain weighted harness leather that is hand buttered and oiled for a supple feel, rich color and dependable performance. With a wide selection of breast collar styles from contoured, tapered, roper, steer and the popular pulling collar style there is a wide selection to suite you. Each piece features precise fine stitching and stainless steel hardware. Adorning headstalls are offered in slim, straight and futurity knot browband, sliding and split ear styles. Celebrating over 45 years of experience time and history carefully goes into every piece defining its character. Accessory strap goods in spur and curb straps are available in matching styles and a true horseman knows the feel of a good pair of weighted split reins, offered by Weaver Leather.


So cowboys and cowgirls cross off your list this season with quality tack you can trust. Whether your style is traditional or adding in some western class, Weaver Leather has specially handcrafted options for you from plain stainless steel or solid brass buckled and stitched headstalls with water tie ends or bolder headstalls with all new exclusive designer hardware featuring chevron or feather patterns perfect for showing off down the trail or in the arena.







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