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Summer is finally here, which means that it’s prime time for horse bathing.

Some horse owners dread bathing their horse because they think it takes too long or they get drenched in the process. Fortunately, Weaver Leather, your trusted brand since 1973, manufactures dozens of superior grooming products at an affordable price to make the bath-time ritual much easier and efficient.


Let’s take a minute to briefly review some of the effective and time-saving bathing products from the eZall® line by Weaver Leather. This brief overview will help you the next time you suds up! Keep in mind that there are ton of options when it comes to selections, but here are a few popular products.

What is the eZall® Bathing Kit?

The eZall® Bathing Kite is a time-saving bathing system that can be used on horses, dogs, cattle, sheep, goats, and any other animal you may find the need to keep clean. Starting out, you’ll want to purchase the eZall® Starter Bathing Kit for horses which includes a eZall® Foamer, Nine- Position Rinse Attachment, Hose Nozzle and a 4 oz bottle of Total Body Wash Green concentrate. The beauty of this system is the ability to clean an animal in just a few short minutes. You can purchase additional shampoos to meet your needs such as unscented and scented body washes, concentrates and anti-allergen shampoos.

How is Bathing Your Horse with eZall® Different?

Ken McNabb, of Ken McNabb Horsemanship, using the eZall® bathing kit.

The main difference between using eZall® and bathing your horse with a conventional bathing method (wet, shampoo, scrub, rinse) is the process. With eZall® you do NOT wet your horse before application!

You must be thinking that you read that wrong; you didn’t! When the water / shampoo mix is applied to a dry animal, it lifts dirt and dead skin away from the body eliminating the need for currying. If you wet your horse before using the foamer, the wet hair will mat down on the skin preventing the foamer from doing its job. Gone are the days of scrubbing your horse tirelessly! Simply coat the horse in foam all over their body from head to tail, let the solution set on the horse’s skin for about three to five minutes, then rinse. That’s it!


Many people will give their horse a bath but completely forget to use conditioner in the mane and tail. Sure, there’s nothing more frustrating than picking knots out of a horse’s mane and tail, but there is a better way. eZall®, the same brand that makes the shampooing system, also makes a Shine and Detangler. Just squirt a dime to quarter sized drop into your hand and run your fingers through the hair to quickly and easily remove tangles, then comb through normally for a beautifully kept mane and tail. After multiple uses you will notice your horse’s mane and tail will become fuller and stronger!

For the body, eZall® also makes a great leave-in conditioner called Show-n-Go Shine and Conditioner. This leave-in conditioner leaves your horse’s coat soft, shiny and dust-free. This would be a must-have in a show- bag or around the barn as a daily grooming tool because it will give your horse that lustrous healthy look without being too slick like other leave-on conditioners.

Brad Barkemeyer of Barkemeyer Performance Horses washing his horse with eZall®

The entire eZall® line has exceptional cleaning power while still being gentle on your horse’s skin due to their plant based formulas. With its unique foamer designed to spray on and rinse off these products can make bathing one horse or a hundred horses easy and efficient. For example, eZall® is the trusted grooming sponsor for the annual Diamond-McNabb ranch horse sale to wash, shine and detangle over 80 horses in less than 3 hours!

Weaver Leather partners with a great team of industry experts from Stacy Westfall, Ken McNabb, Richard Winters & more!

Feel free to check out our website for great videos on how to use the eZall® bathing system, shampoos and conditioners.


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