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When it comes to your cinch, you want one that is safe, durable and comfortable for your horse. You want your horse to be protected against chafing or pinching, and you want your saddle to remain securely in place.

You need a cinch that is lightweight and breathable, but one that provides soft, durable and long lasting protection for your horse. You also want a cinch that is easy to clean, dries quickly, and remains soft and supple, even with extended use.

The new Aura by Classic Equine is like no other cinch on the market. The Aura features a revolutionary three-ply, 100% breathable design using technical materials that provide long-lasting comfort and performance. A soft jersey next to the horse’s skin helps to prevent chafing and rubbing.

Classic Equine Aura Cinch
The new Classic Equine Aura Cinch

The breathable, odor resistant foam center cushions and absorbs impact and pressure while resisting compression even with extended use. Last but most certainly not least, the Aura cinch has a revolutionary exterior shell made of a tear and abrasion resistant nylon mesh that stands up to the toughest treatment, even spurs!

The combination of the Aura’s breathable materials allows you to literally feel the air pass through the cinch, providing maximum coolness and comfort for your horse in competition or practice. As air freely passes through, there is a lesser risk of bacteria transfer, girth itch, and galling.

Available in both roper and straight styles, find the Aura at your favorite Classic Equine retailer.

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