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A good saddle pad is a must! As trusted horseman Ken McNabb would state, “Your ride will be no better than how you protect your horses back. A well-built saddle complimented by a high-quality saddle pad is essential. A good saddle pad serves three really important jobs; it must reduce friction, absorb pressure and cool.”

Handcrafted in the USA, the Weaver Leather contoured felt saddle pad does just that and has become a favorite go-to product for Ken!


• The contoured design provides a more natural fit to the horses back, reduces saddle roll, protects the withers and creates evaporation with a small air tunnel.

• The bottom layer of shock absorbing orthopedic felt puts to work natural fibers that wick away moisture and in turn draw heat away from the horses back.

• The middle layer is constructed of ventilated EVA sport foam, promoting airflow and reducing friction of pressure points. This ½” impact absorbing foam is the same material used in athletic protection gear and won’t break down.

• The top layer is your time to shine! For a more work a day world approach the plain felt topper is great for a long day on the ranch, arena training, or ride down the trail. Customize this same approach with a 100% New Zealand wool topper in exclusive designs and take your class to the next level!

So don’t settle for a pad that is tearing or breaking your horse’s hair. Don’t settle for a sore overheated back. Take your product to the next level with Ride The Brand.

Ride The Brand for Quality Products Handcrafted in the USA. Ride The Brand for an Always Guaranteed Promise. Ride The Brand for a Job Well Done.

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