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Saddle seat getting a little hard? Whether it’s years in the same saddle that seems to be getting harder or a new saddle that just isn’t comfortable, a fleece seat can make a world of difference for your rear.

There are a number of advantages to using a fleece seat and reasons you may want to consider trying one.



· The Fleece keeps you cool in the summer by allowing air flow between the rider and the fleece. It also provides insulation and helps keep a rider warm in the winter.

· Fleece seats offer extra grip similar to a suede seat and function great on a slick seat saddle, by helping the rider stay seated. If you are experiencing issues with slipping on a slick saddle this can be a simple cost efficient way to eliminate it.

· When on a saddle with a hard or uncomfortable seat the fleece provides extra cushion, making long hours in the saddle more comfortable. It is a great alternative to purchasing a new saddle.

TWSaddleryWadeA fleece seat can make a world of difference for your rear.

TW Saddlerys Fleece seats are easily attached to any saddle using the existing screws or conchos already on it. They do not have the ties or strings that quite often come undone while riding or elastic that wears out. The 100% pure wool is easy to keep clean and reusable for years.

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