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Gear of the Month: Tough 1 Gate Feeder

Tough 1 Gate Feeder

How is your relationship with your hay bag going? If your day at the barn starts with a wrestling match with a hay net it’s time to move on. A new, innovative hay feeder from Tough1 will not only save you from your frustrations but also save you time and money.

Tough1’s Gate Feeder was developed by horsemen like you looking for an easy and affordable way to make outdoor feeding a simpler chore. This feeder is designed to securely attach to the inside of any pipe fence or gate with the easy “Quick Grip” straps. This attachment method leaves an opening on the backside to load in flakes of hay without entering the pen. It also allows the feeder to be easily moved or packed away when not in use.

Designed in a large capacity size, this hay feeder can help extend the time between feedings as it holds a larger amount of hay than the standard hay net. This lengthened feeding time means your horse will stay busier longer, helping to prevent boredom and reduce the chances of developing vices such as pawing, weaving, wood chewing, etc.

Let’s not forget the benefits of slow feeding that a hay feeder also provides. Tough1’s Gate Feeder has small 2” openings that slow down your speedy eater. Slower munching can help regulate a horse’s metabolism, improve digestion and also improve absorption of calories and nutrients. Slow feeding is especially helpful with horses on dietary restrictions due to obesity, ulcers, or other nutritional challenges.

Containing hay into a Gate Feeder also can help reduce wasted hay that would normally get trampled and dirty when fed loose on the ground. With the ever-increasing costs of hay, investing in a hay feeder is a no brainer.

Horse eating Hay out of gate feeder

Tough1’s Gate Feeder is currently available at your favorite local or online tack shop in both nylon web or polyester net. If you have a particularly aggressive eater or destructive type of horse the webbing style offers added durability.

Check out all of Tough1’s hay feeder styles and solutions online at www.Tough1.com.

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