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Get Summer-Ready

Classic equines summer medicine box.

Warmer weather is here, and you think you’re ready for all the horseback fun you’ve booked for every weekend, from helping your neighbors move cattle to hitting a jackpot to heading to a horse show. But are you really ready? If these Classic Equine essentials aren’t on your packing list, you’ll want to add them to keep your horse happy, your rides easy and your horse care seamless.

Insulated Med Box

What It Is: The Classic Equine Insulated Med Box features a sleek cooler design to keep medications chilled and ready to use, thanks to its insulated construction and two ice packs. The box has a digital thermometer on the top so you can keep track of the temperature without opening the lid and letting out the cold. It’s the perfect size to keep your horse’s medications stored safely upright—no spilling! And the tight clasp keeps the box securely closed. Tote it to and from your trailer with the sturdy handle.

Why You Won’t Ever Leave Without It: The med box is designed specifically for your horse’s medications, so you won’t have to worry about putting them in your regular cooler, where they might spill or experience fluctuations in temperature every time you open the lid to get a drink.

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Feed Scoop

What It Is: Eliminate the guesswork of how much grain, sweet feed or pellets you’re giving your horse with the Classic Equine Feed Scoop. Measurements mark the outside of the scoop for precise feeding, and its translucent, plastic construction makes it easy to see exactly how much you’re feeding. A sturdy handle makes for easy scooping every time you feed.

Why You Won’t Ever Leave Without It: There’s enough stress when you’re away from home. Confidence that you’re feeding the same amount gives you peace of mind and keeps your horse on his normal routine.

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Fan Bag

What It Is: Never hang a fan with bailing twine or other random ties again. Choose the Classic Equine Fan Bag, constructed of safe nylon webbing, to secure your 20-by-20-inch box fan anywhere, whether you’re at home or away at a show or rodeo.

Why You Won’t Ever Leave Without It: You’ll love how easy it is to insert the fan and hang it, and you’ll appreciate the confidence you feel that your horse won’t be able to play with it and cause an accident, all while keeping your horse cool and blowing pesky insects away from him. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colors and patterns or go with classic black.

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Grooming Tote

What It Is: The durable, 100% polyester Classic Equine Grooming Tote is the only tote you need when you’re on the road. It features more pockets than you can imagine to carry all of your brushes, grooming products, fly spray, hoof pick and more. Choose from a variety of patterns or go for classic black. Each of them comes with a comfortable padded shoulder strap and shorter handles for easy carrying in any situation.

Why You Won’t Ever Leave Without It: Hang it at your stalls or on your trailer—this grooming tote keeps all your essentials easily at hand when you’re away from home.

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