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Horses are strong and majestic animals. They are also curious and sometimes have a mind of their own. Caring for horses takes a lot of patience. A good horse fence helps make the job easier for every horse owner.

With all the options out there for horse fences, how do you decide which fence is best? We reached out to Bekaert Fence Pro Keith Taylor who knows a lot about horse fencing to find out which fence options are ideal for these stately creatures.

Best Practices for Fencing in Horses

Horses can be curious animals. So, Taylor thinks visibility and safety are the most important factors in selecting the right fence for your horse. 

It is essential to have a fence that is 48 inches in height. Bekaert sells their Horseman® fencing products in this height, as well as 60” and 72” fences. This keeps horses safely fenced in and helps deter more active horses from hopping over. During installation, make sure that post spacing is between 10-12 feet and fence openings are at least 2 x 4 to ensure horses stay in. The smaller openings prevent horses from being entangled in the wire given the habit horses have of sticking their small hooves and heads through the fence. “If the fence openings are larger than 2 x 4, the horses can put their hooves through,” Taylor says. “You want a 2 x 4 fence to prevent that.”

Bekaert manufactures three styles of fence that work well for horses. The non-climb Horseman® products are the best option. Other options include their 1348-3 Solidlock Pro Fixed Knot Fence and high tensile smooth wire which are also good choices. Barbed wire should be avoided for horse fences since horses can be injured by the barbs. Smooth wire is another great option.

The Benefits of Horseman® Fence Products

Safety and effectiveness should be a priority for fences. The Horseman® products were specifically designed to contain horses in a safe and effective way. Made with high-tensile wire, these products are tough and durable, and designed to keep horses safely inside.

The Horseman® Fences feature the S-knot, which protects horses’ manes, coats, and tails from scratches and snags. Because of the smooth design, horses will remain safe from injury even when they rub against a fence. “Horses tend to rub against fences or stick their head over, so the Horseman® is a very safe choice,” says Taylor.

Another benefit of this Bekaert fence is the longevity. Horseman products are all made with premier coatings including Bezinal® or Bezinal®+ Black paint which extends the life of a fence for over 30+ years. The fence is also good for fencing in sheep, goats, and dogs.

Where to Buy Bekaert Fence Products

Bekaert sells their fencing products online and in farm stores across the country. Visit  fencing.bekaert.com to see the latest selection of horse fence products available for immediate shipping or utilize our dealer locator to find a store in your area.


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