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equilume equine mask

The lengthening days of spring have long been associated with improved health, muscle development and performance in our equine stock. Equilume’s custom designed performance lighting products are scientifically developed to mimic the benefits of the sun’s light during long summer days, which is naturally high in blue light. Our Cashel Light Mask harnesses the benefits of blue wavelength light to stimulate maximum performance, health and well-being for our equine athletes.

A comfortable, rechargeable headpiece, the Cashel mask provides the horse with biologically effective levels of blue light to:

● maximize health

● enhance coat condition

● promote muscle development

● positively influence mood, behavior and overall well-being

By strengthening a horse’s internal body rhythms, the Cashel Light Mask ensures horses get maximum value from their nutrition, training and management so that they perform at their best. In this way, the timed blue light helps ensure that every cell in the body functions optimally, keeping your horse healthy from the inside out. Many years of scientific research at leading universities went in to developing and validating the Equilume’s blue light technology for horses.

A Performance Edge

The Equilume Cashel Light Mask has been a gamechanger for performance horses by allowing them to receive optimum levels of stimulating blue light without disrupting busy training and competition schedules.

The mobile light therapy device can be worn by both competition and leisure horses in the field, in the stable and when travelling.

“I use the Cashel Light Masks as a great alternative to keeping my horses under lights. I find they fit my program well and are a flexible solution when going up and down the road with my horses.” – Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, dual NFR World Champion

March 12, 2021 – Breeders Challenge – Brittany Pozzi

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