Here's a quick look at some handy items that any horseman could put to use. These items have not been tested by the Western Horseman staff. These are simply press releases about new items on the market.

Active ImageLongtime bit- and spurmaker Tom Balding has introduced a new shank design—the Switchback.

Balding says that the sleek combination of stainless steel and brass produces an eye-catching bit that will add an extra degree of style to your performance. Customers can create a custom bit by combining Balding’s Ballhinge mouthpiece with the new shank design.

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Active ImageSchutz Brothers Inc. and professional horseman Rusty Dare of Ohio have teamed to create the Dare Cribbing Collar.

The collar incorporates a unique three-dimensional design into a strap that stays in place without the aid of a browband, says a company press release, eliminating cribbing in older, habitual cribbing horses and removing all tendencies in younger stock.

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Active ImageRicochet’s horse spray is now available in portable, easy-to-use wipes that make hard-to-spray areas such as around your horse’s ears, eyes and nose easier to clean.

Infused with an herbal blend of citronella, lemongrass, neem, rosemary and tea tree essential oils, the all-natural wipes have a refreshing scent that you’ll love but the bugs won’t. The wipes also are said to leave your horse with a silky, shiny coat.

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Professional’s Choice now offers the SMB-3 sportsmedicine boot.

The new line is said to be a fusion of technologies between the company’s best-selling SMB II and SMB Elite. The SMB-3 has a soft lycra binding that has a slight stretch at the boot’s top and bottom to keep out dirt and dust. The new boot also works with overreach or bell boots from Professional’s Choice.

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Active ImagePackaged with a new, contemporary label, Absorbine’s Veterinary Liniment stays true to the product’s heritage.

Veterinary Liniment, which treats temporary muscle soreness and stiffness, is made with a proprietary blend of the herbal extracts calendula, echinacea and wormwood. The company also notes that their product can be used as an antiseptic for minor cuts, abrasions and insect bites.

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Active ImageThe makers of Natural Plan Stomach Soother say their product will benefit horses suffering from a variety of disorders, including diarrhea, lack of appetite and ulcer pain.

According to a company press release, this all-natural treatment for stomach distress in horses is made from papaya and contains a natural digestive enzyme that can stimulate the appetite, soothe the digestive tract and calm inflammatory bowl disorders. Stomach Soother can also be used when administering foul-tasting medicines.

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Active ImageThe Ultimate Riding Jean resulted from a collaboration between Wrangler and equestriennes belonging to the American Quarter Horse Association.

The women involved in several focus groups identified their likes and dislikes of other popular styles to create the Ultimate Riding Jean. The jean will be available this summer through Western-wear retailers and features a medium rise, no-gap waistband, full-flex knee and bootcut styling. It comes in two styles, Q-Baby and Cash.

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Active ImageHidden Hitch now offers a line of dual receiver hitches designed specifically for all-terrain-vehicle enthusiasts.

Hidden Hitch ATV hitches were designed to have a built-in tow feature for clevis-style trailers. This element allows the operator to utilize the additional receiver for accessories when towing. Company spokesmen say the optimal feature offered is that the hitches are custom built for each ATV application, including specific mounting locations for maximum strength.

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The Heritage Collection is Gist Silversmith’s way of celebrating its 40 years in the buckle industry.

Drawing from cowboy tradition, this spirited collection of buckles features the signature intricate floral designs and authentic motifs Gist is known for. Available in silver and gold electroplate, or in precious metals, the buckles are available in a variety of price ranges and can be purchased through Gist Silversmiths or at select retailers.

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