Technological advances have increased the ways we can now purchase horses.

In addition to running classified ads and making face-to-face deals, many horse sale companies have included online and phone bidding to their public auctions. Also, platforms for online-only sales are becoming popular. It’s easier than ever to search for a horse to buy, but that doesn’t guarantee finding the right match. Here are a few tips to make your buying journey smoother.

Do your homework.

Some of the methods to purchase a horse include scanning classified ads, working with a private seller, getting help from a professional horseman, attending a live auction in person, bidding at a sale via phone or online, or participating in an online-only sale.

No matter the venue, it’s important to research the seller, the sale method and the horse in which you’re interested. If you’re purchasing remotely, watch out for old videos or inaccurate photos. Ask for a photo dated from today, and a video of the horse in its current surroundings. Make sure the information on the horse is accurate, and most of all, that the seller is reputable.

Whenever possible, look at the horse in person before buying, even though that may not always be feasible if you’re considering a horse that is in demand with a potentially quick sale.

Book the vet check.

Your homework should include having your veterinarian look at previously taken radiographs, or having radiographs taken, as well as a basic pre-purchase exam. If you don’t know how to line up a pre-purchase exam, consider asking the seller to help you make arrangements for a vet check.

Line up transportation.

If you’re planning to purchase a horse in person or online, finding transportation to bring your horse home is key. Many sellers will have contacts at transport companies, so don’t be afraid to request assistance in these arrangements.

Following is a list of well-known horse sales where you can find quality stock horses for performance, ranching, trail riding or simple family enjoyment.

Prepare for your next horse sale.

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