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Reinsman Apex Sport Boots

reinsman sport boots

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Looking to up your leg protection game? Reinsman has the sport boots of your dreams waiting! Keep your horse’s legs protected with a sport boot that lasts, keeps the dirt out, and their legs cool. Look no further than Reinsman.

While Reinsman was not the first sport boot in the market, our determination to produce a solid sport boot to aid your performance is second to none. Our research led us to craft a superb sport boot that offers supreme impact protection while it ventilates, contours to the leg, and securely stays in place.

Offered in a robust variety of colors and patterns, you are sure to find a set or two that you will absolutely love! Add our Reinsman Apex Sports Boots to your A-Team set up today. These boots have the quality you can trust at a price you’ll love.

How can you ensure your boots are on correctly? By following these easy steps:

1. Use a soft brush to remove any dirt or mud from your horse’s legs.

2. Pull each strap from the strong hook and loop material and fasten folded back so they are out of the way and the boot is left open. Match the boot you have in your hand to the correct leg. We like to start with the front legs and then move to the rear.

3. Wrap the boot around the leg so that the bottom of the boot cradles the fetlock.

4. Tighten each strap by starting at the top and going down the boot to be evenly spaced apart. You might have to readjust the straps. Fasten the longer sling strap that supports the fetlock at a 45-degree angle. Pull snug, but not overly tight.

5. Put on bell boots if you’re using them.

Try them today to give your horse the comfort and protection they deserve! See more at

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