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The Boss of Gloss

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Your horse likes to roll. Your horse also gets dirty when practicing for your shows, clinics and just everyday riding. Here is the “game-changer” for getting your horse dazzling clean!

Do you want to see your horse looking healthy, with the silkiest, shiniest coat ever?

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What does the Mane ‘n Tail Ultimate Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner do for you and your horse? Here are 10 reasons for using this special combo!

  1. Gets your horse down-to-the-skin clean. dirt, grit and dander.  It is just as important to get your horse’s skin clean as it is its coat, mane and tail.
  2. Removes dander. The white dander you sometimes see in your horse’s mane and tail that is hard to remove comes out easily, and you can see the dander and the dirt just roll off your horse when grooming with the Ultimate Gloss Shampoo.
  3. Enriched with natural oils. The Ultimate Gloss Conditioner is enriched with natural oils, such as coconut oil to restore elasticity and deeply rehydrates.
  4. Formulated with revitalizing proteins and other conditioning ingredients. This helps to detangle and volumize for easy comb out with added fullness, while preventing breakage
  5. Doubles as a leave-in conditioner. The Ultimate Gloss Conditioner can even be used as a leave-in treatment for an extra-dry mane and tail.
  6. Improves hair quality as it dries. You can actually see the incredible shine developing as your horse dries down.
  7. Doesn’t make hair slippery. It is “Saddle Safe” ™ — no slipping saddle.
  8. Saves on grooming time.
  9. Helps to extend time in between grooming sessions!  Even if your horse may roll or get a bit dirty again, just brush your horse off to reveal your horse’s shiny coat and glossy mane and tail!
  10. Your horse will be show ready!

The combo is a tack box must from Mane ‘n Tail, the tried and true name in grooming products since 1970!

Mane n Tail shampoo

Breakthrough technology taking it to the next level, with high gloss that gives your horse the reflective, premium shine that takes your breath away! A clearly different grooming system that is the “Boss of Gloss.” The ultimate payoff — your horse is gorgeous, silky and has the glossiest show-ready finish!

Not only is Mane ‘n Tail’s Ultimate Gloss system the power grooming tools you need to get your dirty horse sparkling, but it is fantastic for dog grooming as well!  It will get your other four-legged friend squeaky clean and lustrous! Gone are muddy paws. It helps to de-mat and detangle, while leaving your dog’s coat like you just took he or she to a professional groomer.

The results for all your four-legged buddies are spectacular. As our Original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner became a personal care hair care system over time via “word of mouth,” the Ultimate Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner is becoming popular among horse and pet owners as well!  Get the “Boss of Gloss,” the newest grooming duo from Mane ‘n Tail!   1-800-827-9815

Available for purchase : Tractor Supply; State Line Tack; Dover Saddlery and .

MSRP:  The Ultimate Gloss Shampoo  32 oz.     $19.99 

MSRP: The Ultimate Gloss Conditioner 32 oz.    $19.99

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