Are all rope halters created equal? The answer is no. Just as horsemanship is an art founded on traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, the same lies in the craftsmanship of a good rope halter.

A premium rope halter is made from fine rope that disperses pressure on a smaller area. This allows for less energy to be applied for a subtle cue of guidance or leadership teaching a horse to yield to pressure for a rewarded release. In turn one becomes more in tune to a horse’s sensitivity, developing better horseman and women

Known for exceptional quality and performance, Weaver Leather’s Silvertip Rope Halters are hand-tied by craftspeople specifically trained in the art. Each halter showcases a sense of pride to the unforgotten commitment to American workmanship.

Constructed from a pre-stretched continuous piece of rope, each knot on the Silvertip Halter is strategically tied for a lifetime guarantee. The American rope is made only of the finest materials for rot, mildew and abrasion resistance. It offers an exceptional balanced feel and lies nicely on a horse’s head.

So the next time you consider a new rope halter, whether you are a clinician, trainer, outfitter, trail rider, working cowboy or everyday rider, keep a tradition alive with the Silvertip Rope Halter by Weaver Leather.

Ride the Brand for Quality Products Handcrafted in the USA. Ride The Brand for an Always Guaranteed Promise. Ride The Brand for Tradition Kept Alive.

Learn how to properly fit and tie Silvertip rope halters with Richard Winters Horsemanship – CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

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