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Chris Cox

The Cox family rides their horses.

Growing up on thousands of acres in Australia, Chris Cox’s first experiences of being a cowboy came from his father’s perspective that cattle were the priority, and horses were tools to work the cattle.

Chris Cox is a world-renowned horseman who's first experiences of being a cowboy came from working on thousands of acres in Australia.

The youngest of three brothers, his days were spent catching mavericks, or wild cattle, on long hot days, teaching him that cowboys are not weak or soft. In competing in different clubs and competitions, the horseman realized he viewed horses differently than his father, which translated into a career raising and training horses. Today, Chris Cox is a four-time undefeated world champion of Road to the Horse, a Perry Di Loreto Reno Rodeo Invitational team roping reserve champion, an Equine Experience colt starting champion, recipient of the Monty Roberts “Equitarian of the Year” award, a competitor and breeder in the National Cutting Horse Association, and a reined cow horse and team roping competitor with a renowned horsemanship program.

Cowboy Traits

Humble. Passionate. Honest. Respectful. Faithful.

Definition of “Cowboy”

“The word ‘cowboy’ means so many different things to so many different people,” Cox says. “He’s a good horseman and stockman, and he respects all animals. If he needs to be firm, he won’t back down. He is respectful to ladies and kind and gentle to children. He believes in his Savior. He has never worked by the hour because being a cowboy is a lifestyle, not a job. He is a leader, does right and never fears man. We are slowly losing the real cowboy. I proudly wear my hat every day because of all the great men and women who wore one before me that I called real cowboys.”

Chris Cox is a world-renowned horseman who's first experiences of being a cowboy came from working on thousands of acres in Australia.
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  1. what an amazing horseman, human, mentor, example…so much more to say…. how blessed we are to be living our dreams now because of him and his love for horses and sharing it so we can become the very best like him. Hes obviously a wonderful father and husband and has the deep desire to finish a few of his own dreams and include his family. He was blessed to have a good beginning and parents that loved him enough to push him on to something beautiful for himself….not everyone gets that . We are all better because of him and his unselfishness…….he truly is our gift from God for a better life w/ horses… no one has given more and there are many out there…..they are good too but he is the best….triple aaa+…
    u cant have better than that…..


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