Here’s the must-have’s and must-do’s to look like a super puncher during spring works, according to cowboy comedian Dale Brisby.

It’s the time of year all cowboys wait for—branding season. Self-professed “coolest cowboy of them all,” cowboy comic Dale Brisby, breaks down what every super puncher needs to know in order to look cool during spring works.

“We’ve been doctoring yearlings in the winter time, getting our horses ready for this moment,” says Brisby. “We’ve been working on the young colt. We’ve been tuning up the older broncs that we got, so we can drag calves and get the good snap chat.”

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According to Brisby, cowboys need to wear some sort of leggings. He says it doesn’t matter if they’re shotgun, bells or chinks, every hand needs a pair of ranch pants in order to look the part.  

Once your leggings are on, make sure your cell phone is charged. That way, says Brisby, you can document all the hard work you’ve been doing on Snapchat.

“When you’re in the branding pen, if you don’t get the Snap, how are you going to get the next job?” Brisby asks. “How are you going to get hired back from somebody down the road if they don’t know you’re super punching in there?”

When you drag a calf to the fire, Brisby says to always bring it back by two feet—never just one. “And make sure to yell for those who do…there’s a lot of yelling, but it’s what you have to do,” says Brisby.

Another must-have: you have to have somebody there to “lighten the mood and keep things fun and interesting,” which is Brisby’s specialty.

Follow these tips, and Brisby says you’ll no doubt be the punchiest cowboy at spring works this season.

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