Trying to load a horse into a trailer might sound simple. For others in the know, it can be quite difficult. None of that really matters to Dale Brisby. For the self-professed super puncher, it’s all about choosing a method that communicates your level of cowboy cool.

There are three, possibly four, ways to properly load a horse into a trailer, according to Dale Brisby, the “greatest cowboy to ever walk the earth.” For anyone willing to listen to his words of “wisdom,” the Western comedian explains 1) the beginner way, 2) the cowboy way, 3) the Brisby approach and 4) the upper level cowboy/upper level horse method.

The various approaches include leading the horse inside, leading him from the outside of the trailer, staying in the saddle (requires sunglasses), and sending the horse (we had to guess on this one) into the trailer like some sort of Jedi cowboy. We’ll let you watch the video of Brisby working with his horse, Boon, and you can decide which method (if any) is the right fit for you when loading a horse.

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